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Born in 1961on California's beautiful Monterey Peninsula, Ruth was the fourth of five children. Her youth was very fulfilling, with many family adventures and numerous pets. Ruth's family was extremely creative and offered many outlets for her artistic abilities. She was also inspired by the diverse natural beauty of California's central coast. These elements may have been what inspired her to start drawing and painting at an early age.

Ruth continued to follow her interest by studying art at Monterey Peninsula College, San Diego State University, and the University of California at Santa Barbara. She was also influenced by traditional western artists like Frederick Remington as well as contemporary artists such as Gary Ernest Smith.

Ruth loved living and studying in coastal California, but was pulled inland towards ranching country, where she had room to raise her family and animals. In 1988 Ruth moved to the Salinas area were she lives today with her husband Pete (an avid team roper), their daughter Allison, dogs, horses, sheep and a guinea pig.

Whether at home, at a rodeo, or at a friend's ranch, Ruth never lacks for inspiration or subject matter. It may be a situation, a pose, or even a gesture that sparks her interest. The execution and technique of her pencil drawings is very important to her, but her main goal is to create a vision the viewer can relate to. With humor and sensitivity Ruth invites you to share a moment in the life of the rural American.

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